Born Rooted Birth Services

Community Events

Women’s Circle: Village Prenatal
Sunday, December 11th
Big Red Barn, Elkhorn, WI

Bring a simple dish to share 🙂

Born Rooted

Here, you can find authentic prenatal, birth, and postpartum care support for an extraordinary wild mothering journey. Many services are offered in person as well as virtually. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries. I am here to support you, honor you, and walk with you through this sacred life-giving rite of passage.

Sovereign Birthkeeping

Wise, Holistic Prenatal Care
Includes 4 prenatal care appointments, nutrition guidance, pregnancy care box including nourishing teas and calming bath herbs, herbal body oil massage, access to my lending library of books and all birth resources, email, text, and phone support, village prenatal circles, and free membership to Matriarch community
$900 (in person)
$450 (virtual)

Labor & Birth Support
Includes traditional birthkeeper support in alignment with your birth vision. Birth photography is also offered.

Authentic Postpartum Care
Includes 5 freezer meals (or virtual meal plan) in accordance with your family’s dietary needs, 5 hours of home care, herbal body oil massage, introduction to womb/vaginal steaming, belly binding guidance, postpartum care box including nourishing teas and healing bath herbs, help registering child’s birth certificate, placenta encapsulation and 2oz placenta tincture, breastfeeding support, introduction to elimination communication and cloth diapering, birth story debrief, email, text, and phone support, womb healing ritual, postpartum support group surrounded by other mothers, and free membership to Matriarch community
$1,500 (in person)
$750 (virtual)

Community Offerings
Village Prenatals
Mother-to-be Ceremonies
Traditional Birthkeeping
Herbal Medicine
Birth Photography
Placenta Encapsulation
Breastfeeding Support
Birth Story Debrief Sessions
Postpartum Support Circle
Women’s Circles
Gentle, Conscious Parenting
Wild Mothering Course Offerings
Virtual MATRIARCH Community
Varies – Inquire Within

  • Packages/prices can be adjusted based on your needs and preferences.
  • Sliding scales for economic justice and payment plans are available for folks in financial need or those who live in a country with an unfavorable exchange rate. Please feel free to contact me for details.

Medical Disclaimer: You are the sole authority over your body and mind. The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases. I am not a medical provider. Please consult a doctor if you’re seeking medical care or advice.